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Our wealth of experience over a wide variety of technologies and techniques enable us to efficiently design and recommend a system level solution. We practise data driven agile development and incorporate data modelling in our system design process.
XDOz has over 20 years’ experience in low level C and C++ development across a multitude of platforms. We specialise in both RTOS and Interrupt Driven embedded application development. Our in depth understanding of electronic design is extremely valuable during embedded application development.
XDOz manage and outsource mechanical design work and quality tooling to our partners in Asia. The total cost of mechanical design and production tooling is exceptional. Submit your 3D CAD today for a quote. We also outsource and manage high quality milling of prototype enclosures and tools.
XDOz has developed both Transactional Business Solution web-sites as well as basic home-page marketing type websites. There is no website too small or large for us. XDOz developed a proprietary low bandwidth AES128 encrypted IoT server interface which are being used to incorporate high volume IoT feeds to an existing website.
XDOz focusses on Business Applications and IoT interfaces. If you have a need to interface an industrial controller to your Android Smart Phone you’ve come to the right place. XDOz can also develop custom AOSP ROMs for your project if you are running custom hardware and have special driver requirements.
XDOz can take your idea to functional prototype in record time with our proven Rapid Development Process. We have a large library of function blocks which are used in the RDP to create products in limited time and budget. XDOz has prototyping capabilities on side and have high-quality and high-volume manufacturing partners in Asia.

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Our Proven Process, Produces Results

1. Analysis

Our process always starts with active customer engagement and requirements analysis ensuring that we capture the client’s vision and key success criteria. We create a Requirements Trace Matrix as part of this process to assist the project in creating a Work Breakdown Structure which forms the basis of project planning.

2. Design and Data Modelling

We at XDOz believe in Data Driven Development and as such incorporate Data Modelling in the System Design phase. We create a detailed Function Block diagram as part of this project phase and encourage active client participation. A comprehensive Data Model is presented and authorised for development at the end of this project phase.

3. Concept Demonstration

Horizontal Prototyping is used throughout the project to enforce active customer participation and early customer feedback. The first development phase creates a comprehensive and functional prototype which is presented to the customer for early feedback. All function blocks are normally touched on by the Concept Demonstration Prototype where practically feasible.

4. Agile Development

Iterative agile development sprints are used to migrate the Concept Demonstration Prototype to a Final Commercial Product. Active customer participation is encouraged throughout this process.

5. Testing & Type Approval

Engineers at XDOz executes unit and regression testing on a daily basic during the development phase. Final product testing is focussed on ensuring product reliability in a production environment. Formal Type Approval is done through a range of authorised partners depending on the country of final distribution.

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